Baccarat is a simple and well-known casino card game. The objective in Baccarat is to try to reach point score of 9 with 2-3 cards. Baccarat is a casino game, the coin toss most (fifty-fifty chance) is similar.
Baccarat Rules

At the beginning of the game the player chooses whether he bet on “Player” or gain “Banker”. Both “Player” and “Banker” draw two cards and the value of the cards, a third card to be drawn “player”, “banker” or both. The winner is the one, the highest score after pulling the card has. The point value is taken as the sum of the card values, where 10-K value 0 have calculated ACE has value 1 and other cards have their face value. Then all ten are subtracted from this total, so the final score is a number between 0 – 9 The one (“Player” or “Banker”), which has the highest score at the end wins the hand.

For example, “Player” draws KJ-5 and “Banker” draws 5-5-A. “Player” has a point value of 5 and “Banker” has a point value of 1, so “player” would win this hand.

If either “Banker” or “Player” draws score 8 or 9 as the first two cards, then no third card will be drawn and such a hand is called natural 8 or 9 if “Player” draws 0-5 point two card hand, then he will draw a third card, and “Banker” draws a third card according to his own hand and third card of the player. The actual rules of drawing a third card are not important, as the player has no control over how many cards are drawn. To play the game simply place a bet on “Player” or “Banker” and to see if you won or lost.

Returned in the event of a tie (both “Banker” and “player” have the same point value), all bets on “Player” or “Banker” are (a push).