Jacks or Better is the most widely played video poker variant at online casinos. This game is offered by all software vendors. The game is essentially the same, although there may be some differences in the interaction of different software vendors. Player has five cards from which they replace any number. When the last hand figures in the payout table then the player receives the corresponding payout. The poker hand rankings in the paytable start with Jacks or Better, this is a pair of Jacks is. The Microgaming Jacks or Better is adopted as the basis for this article.

The first decision to make the player, the number of coins. The possibilities range from one to five coins. Micro Jacks or Better offers a number of ways in which this selection can be made. The easiest way is shown on the payout table at the top of the screen, click the appropriate column. It is advisable to always choose five coins. This is because the payout for Royal Flush, if five coins wagered, is a more than in proportion. The jackpot payout should not be missed.

The second selection is that the coin. In Microgaming Jacks or Better the coin varies from 0.25 to 10 Credits. The total bet is selected, the product of the coin and the number of coins. Since the player is always advised to select five coins, he should choose a suitable coin that fits with his bankroll.

The player controls the Jacks or Better game by clicking on the deal button. Five cards are dealt face up in the main playing area. The player then has to decide which cards he wants to keep. This can be done by clicking on the desired map on the screen. A bold-held text appears on the cards. The player has the cards that will let him keep the maximum likelihood of the payment arrive poker hand. Experienced players will be aware of the optimal strategy, which must be used in this decision. However Microgaming Jacks or Better offers the opportunity for new players. These players can activate the Auto-Hold. Then the cards that are required to be held after optimal strategy is automatically selected instead.

The next step is to click on the Draw. The cards that are not marked as held, will be automatically replaced. At the same time the last hand is compared with the poker hand rankings in the payout table and if a dividend is paid then the player’s account will be credited immediately. The payouts are in coins for five coins wagered as follows: Jacks or Better 5, 10 two pairs, three of a kind 15, just 20, 30 flush, full house 45, four of a kind 125, 250 Straight Flush and Royal Flush 4000th

Microgaming Jacks or Better Video Poker offers a double opportunity after each payout. Players who want to make use of this possibility, you should. On the double key Five cards are displayed on the screen, of which the first card will be revealed, and the rest are face down. The player must select one of the face down cards. If there is a higher rank of the player than the dealer’s up card payout is doubled. Otherwise, he will lose the payment. Microgaming Jacks or Better is at online casinos like All Slots Platinum Play and Roxy Palace.