Red Dog Casino

About Red Dog

Red Dog is a fairly simple table poker game that can be found in most online casino software.
Red Dog Rules

Red Dog uses a normal deck of cards (the number of decks is usually 1), and the cards are usually with Ace being the highest classified. After placing the bet, two cards are placed on the table. If the two cards have the same value, then dealt a third card, and if it has the same value as well, the player is 12 times his bet, otherwise the application will be returned (one push). If the two cards in sequence, then the bet and returned (a push) is. Otherwise, the player can either call or double the bet and wins according to the following payout table if the third card is drawn between the two card slot.

Distribution payout
1 5: 1
2 4 1
3 2 1
January 4 to 11: 1

In the above table “spread” or the number counts between the two cards. For example, 6 and 8 have a dispersion 1 and 2, and Q is a spread 9 Propagation how many different card series fit between the two cards. If the third card is drawn, not between the two cards, the player loses his bet.
Optimal strategy

If the spread is 7 or higher, then there are more than 50% chance of winning the hand (there are 13 rows total). Therefore, the optimal strategy is to or to double the bet on all spreads of 7 higher, and call different. Although the spreads 1-3 have more than one: 1 payout you should not cancel these hands, as the probability to win is much smaller.